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Esculturas de Chocolate. Kadampa Primary School

Written Sat 20 Apr 2013

Welcome to Journey Through the Melting World, Kadampa Primary School Derbyshires Innovative Story and Sculture Exhibition inspired by our Spring Term theme Chocolate.

Every child from Reception to Year 6  at KPSD participated in writing a collaborative script  about a chocolate world in danger of melting. They then researched, sketched, and built sculptures of the people and objetcs that populate this fantastical land; the only catch, the sculptures were to be made of chocolate clay. Can you imagine the discipline required to bring to you all these delightful chocolate sculptures without a bite  missing?. I hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as we enjoyed about how we brought our story to life.

The pupils and Staff of Kadampa Primary School Derbyshire.

For the first time these children exhibited in a gallery, as professionals, they were excited ... because the show was in QUAD, an a very important cultural centre in Derby, which hold international projects such as the recent FORMAT photography festival.

One of the pupils of the school is my son and he wanted to write a summary of this fantastical story:

Once upon a time there was three people one called Jeremy, another one "Raticate" and a girl called Cocoa Caramel.Jeremy was a crazy  person from "Top Gear",Raticate a cheeky rat from "Pokemon" that loved chocolate and "Cocoa Caramel" a archer girl with a good sense of humour.The three of them had to find a cave with a wise man that would tell them what to do .They went trough volcanoes of hot chocolate, chocolate beach, a butter altar and a forest to find the old wise man. When they did it, they all lived in the modern cave happily ever after...

Ignacio Torres Zalbidea, Derbyshire April 2013.



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